A school project at Berghs School of Communication.

Create a campaign for "Adidas Originals".


We wanted to talk about the fact that the only thing that matters for athletes, is their performance on the court and NOT who you are outside of it. Especially your sexuality. So we created a campaign to talk about the issue at hand, that who the one you love is shouldn’t matter on the court. Accompanying the campaign we also created a line of Adidas Originals clothes that sport the Pride colors.

This campaign would roll out during the Stockholm Pride festival.

It shouldn’t matter on the court. But in fact as of 2012 there are no openly gay footballers in England’s top four divisions.Six former National Football League (NFL) players have come out after they’ve retired but there hasn’t been anyone who has been publicly out while playing in the NFL. USA Today asked 35 National Hockey League (NHL) players if they would welcome a openly gay teammate. 34 said yes.

The one you kiss goodbye before going to practice. The one you make breakfast in bed for. The one you can’t be without. WHO your one is shouldn’t matter on the court.

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